Open to everyone with an interest in the field

Introduction to Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy

Energetic Self-Care

for Psychotherapists & the Caring Professions

Hartmut Wuebbeler

Many people, especially those quite sensitive to others or those working in the ‘helping professions’, can find themselves feeling tired and drained without ‘good reason’, perhaps taking on emotions and sometimes even physical symptoms of their clients. 

    This workshop will:

  • offer a joyful, interactive opportunity to explore how you become more aware energetically of your environment, how you interact energetically with other people, and most of all how you can learn to look after yourselves better, improving your sense of well-being.
  • cover easy-to-learn, effective tools to start developing new, positive habits of energetic self-care in your every-day life, within a safe and healing space.
  • cover topics such as bodily resonance, somatic transference and countertransference,  grounding, cleansing, anatomy of the subtle bodies, attuning to clients, opening up and closing down our energy centres, recognising and taking care of our true personal space.

This CPD is suitable for:

Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Complementary Therapits and other Health Care Professional.  Also open to anyone interested in improving their well-being at work and in their private life.

Saturday 27 May • 10 am–5.30 pm • £50

HNCC, 25 Bertram Street, London N19 5DQ

London School of Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy is a member of UKCP

CPD certificate will be supplied

Event Booking and Refund Policy

Booking a place

 Places will be allocated to participants once payment of the fee has been received. Participants will receive confirmation of their booking by email, usually within two weeks of the fee having been received or sooner if booked online. If participants do not receive confirmation they need to contact the Centre for Biodynamic Psychotherapy Administrator at  as soon as possible.

Cancelling a place booked on a workshop

The fee for workshops is non-refundable. If a participant booked onto a workshop is unable to attend, someone else can attend in his or her place. If numbers have been restricted there may already be a waiting list of people wanting a place. Please check with the administrator.

Transferring a booking

The responsibility for transferring a cancelled booking for any event lies with the person wishing to cancel. Anyone wishing to arrange a substitution should let the workshop coordinator or CBP administrator know, so that we do not charge twice for the same place.

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